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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

No More Apologies

I blog when I can and when I can remember.

Not a lot has really happened on the "interesting factor" of things since I last blogged. But then again the things I blog about are hardly the most jaw dropping of topics.

I have given up on my 365day movie challenge, because let's face, it. Who really has that kind of time? I sure as hell didn't, but I did watch a lot interesting films both classic and horrendous and it was fun for the time it lasted. Everytime I watch a movie, I'll still add it to the list I started on imdb, but it won't be so religious.

I went and saw Halestorm, yes, alone, but someone on my course was there doing photography and even if she wasn't it wouldn't really have mattered. The only time I really felt "by myself" was before the band went on and the gaps between when the opening acts played, but it was minor. IT WAS FANTASTIC. I LOVE LZZY HALE. They played all my favourites and they sound great live, also loved their rendition of Pharells Get Lucky and I got a lovely t-shirt.

I had a report due in for the 29th of April that took up all my time but was actually very beneficial because it not only showed me just how prepared I am for finishing uni and getting a job, but also I learned a number of alternative methods to getting to where I want to be in the long run. The report title was as follows:

Researching The Options: What are the fundamental steps and key skills I need to acquire in the next five years to be on my way to becoming an established Writer Director in the British Film and TV Industries. 

It was a great read if I do say so myself.

Also I had a birthday like two months ago, and in standard Jen fashion I did nothing.

I am still working on my final film UNFORTUNATELY it's just that after I handed in my report I felt like I was finished because of the amount of effort that went into completing it so now to go back and do another reshoot and picture/sound edit I'm just like; Melhbskw;guduwogdqwkhkjwsd/ge...... if you know what I mean. According to my lovely countdown I only have 29days left till I am officially done so I just need to grin and bare it until then.

I have watch the four seasons they have of The Good Wife on Netflix and so need to watch season 5 which is out now. Watched this series called Hit The Floor which I now LOVE and just started Orphan Black at the persistence of my friend, which 3 episodes in isn't horrible, but at the same time isn't that great. I should also be starting Game of Thrones soon. I hate catching up to TV time so I'm going to wait till a few weeks before the current season is about to end. 

This post felt really scattered to me, so for that I apologise, my mind is a little scattered, I am months behind on my academic blog which I haven't touched since maybe February? Which kind of explains why I suddenly remembered my original blog. Also I love that I still have time for TV.

Also I got a new phone. FINALLY

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