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Monday, 19 May 2014

How very Pintresting

I am really enjoying Pintrest at the moment. I feel like it's a mix between a more organised Tumblr and moodboard. I've got boards for travel, fashion inspiration, fiction characters I love, films, inspirational quotes, hot guys.
Here's a cheeky screengrab from my board titled Swatches which is basically home d├ęcor ideas. Where am I going, you ask? Nowhere is the answer. I am going nowhere. Yet.

This is a very small selection, I think I've got 50pins on this board which is really nothing. I've got pins of beautiful staircases, home cinemas, kitchens, couches. I'm nuts I know but what would be the point of life you could not dream? Gosh can you imagine being stuck in reality 24/7? I make it my mission to stay away from reality for as long as possible.

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