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Monday, 19 May 2014

So many thoughts in my head

Taking a break from writing this Critical Evaluation for my final film, which is due on the 22nd May.... The Evaluation not the film. My portfolio is due on the 6th of June. Which is a bit strange that the Evaluation is due prior to the actual completion of the film but whatever I've given up trying to make sense of the education system.

So according to my countdown I have 17 days left of uni, but in some ways I have already finished and in other ways I have more than 17 days.

Let me break it down for you:
On the 15th of May I screened my film to my tutors and half my peers, that date counted as the last official teaching day. So in a way I've already finished uni.
But the Official screening where friends, family, actors etc come and watch everyone's films is on the 5th of June. That and the fact the film is still being sound edited and picture touch ups are happening.
I will probably stay in Sheffield till the 15th of June.

Hence why my 17 days is now more of an estimate.

I was supposed to be starting work early for the summer but then I didn't and I was resigned to the fact I had till the 21st of June before I became a workaholic. But my boss just rang me and was like.... Can you start Monday.

*Sigh* And so begins money over happiness.

I always pick happiness, but I just got an electricity bill of £208.66 so happiness might have to postponed, or transferred into the form of a cheeky gift for myself.

I started to plan my farewell tour. Well I say "Tour" it was more like me going out with a few different groups of friends, and a couple more "Pizza Booze Telly" nights thrown in. Also my friend is making a music video that he said I can help out with/be in. Also I have some stuff to do that requires the universities resources and so going back early disrupts all of that

I don't know I don't know I don't know.

As well as that..... Hold up, lemme just start a new post.

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