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Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Final Phases

When I say The Final Phase I don't specifically mean because November is coming to a close and the twelfth month of the year is dawning. I say this because way back when I always knew 2014 would be a good year for me, and when Ii say way back when, I mean like 2010. As I always knew that was the year I would finish university, and I could not wait, till my educational life came to an end. Officially. (Never say never). But as time went on, things got added to the 2014 list until I was left with....
Finish Uni in June
Last Summer at the Palace (Hopefully) July-Sept
South America in September - November
Graduate in November
Christmas Job/Relax until the new year.

And after Graduating last week.......

[My parents actually made it on time. No-one was more surprised than me.... except for my sister maybe. But we decided that we knew so deeply they wouldn't make it, that the universe HAD to make them make it. It's all in the stars]

I am now in the final phases, and I have to say that I am remarkably happy. Unbelievably so. The constant haze of depression that normally surrounds and intrudes on my everyday life is....dormant. Still there but inactive, and I can happily live with that. Honestly it's been this way since the last week of September when I jetted off and it's stuck around. I guess it's true, when people ask me when I am happiest, and my answer is; When I'm doing nothing.

Saying that I did start a silver service casual waiting staff job, and have done two shifts this week and have an Interview for a Christmas temp job tomorrow, but as the waitressing is casual I can work when I feel like it (Which means rarely) and the Christmas temp job (if I get it) is only until mid January, which works perfectly perfect with my plans. Hazar.

Happy Turkey Day mofos.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Side Note: I'm doing a 30 Day Squat Challenge.

Just Cause.

Hashtag Day 6 of 30

Post Travel and other nicknacks

So it has been a little over three weeks since my return from my south american travels. I can only ride on doing such an amazing thing for so long, the novelty will soon wear off and when it does I need to be ready.

Hmmmm I have no idea what that previous sentence means, I kind of just wrote it without thinking. Anyways, I have FINALLY bought myself this book and it is basically a blank book with subject headings to make lists on, such as; Where you've been/Where you would like to go on every continent, what you would like to see around the world, etc etc. I have already filled in a few bits here and there. Anyways it's cool and I will keep it forever, cause that's just the kind of gal I am.

But, yes travel. I have been keeping in contact with three of the other girls I met on my travels; The Australian, The Belgian and The New Yorker. It's great to hear what they're up to. One of them sent me a picture if them by their hotel roof pool which overlooks the beach. This was a beautifully upsetting picture. And I just got a call from two of them which was nice, I miss the sound of international voices (Weird but True). Plus it was nice to hear them tell me that they're always talking about me saying "Jen would love this" "If Jen was here" "Jen's probably in bed watching Netflix". Plus after speaking with them, I can't go back to just lying in bed and watching my shows. I feel like I should be doing more, but it's 1am on a Monday morning. There is nothing to be done. I guess it's the same feeling I had when  I got back; Restless, bored, can't do nothing. And I am never bored, plus doing nothing is normally one of my favourite things to do. Knowing that somewhere in the world someone is doing more, and you could be too,

Sigh. The heart of a wanderer is only settled when it flies.

I have finally picked my graduation outfit and hairstyle. I am not really stressy/bothered about such things buts basically I had a dress in mind that took me less than an hour to find online (Forever 21) but when it came to ordering it they didn't have any left in stock..... Or in stores. Which was annoying and meant I had to start the search all over again. Which of course was impossible. I originally wanted to wear a dress but have since settled on a skirt and blouse combo that looks banging. I'm heading up on Wednesday night, graduation Thursday morning, going out in the evening then heading home on Friday.... and possibly going out Friday night depending on how I feel.
Side Note: Can I just make a prediction that my parents won't show up on time/be let in to my graduation. I know what they're like and it honestly doesn't bother me. It's my day not theirs. I know my mom would call this "Negative Confession" to predict such a thing, but it is what it is.

On the job front I have applied to a total of three Christmas positions. Suffice to say I am not trying very hard at all. In all honesty I'm just happy to sit and do nothing until the new year. Money wise.... I have some, but it would mean that I need to just not spend as much, which is doable as I don't really spend money as it is. 

I'll see how things go and I'll catch you on the flip side of education.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Road So Far: The Road Ahead

So.... What Now?

Well my plan is to just find a Christmas Job (Sadly missed the Selfridges window) just to replenish the cash I spent on my trip, that and also for practicality. I can't sit and only look for film jobs, what if I get nothing and then I'm poor and miserable. Also my routine since September 2010 has been; School, Work, School, Work, School, Work, School, Work, Travel.
Give a girl a break.
Also I graduate in 11 days, so there's that.

So yeah, I don't really plan to look for a film related job until January, and in the meantime I'll just work on my own..... stuff...... like plans....... and stuff. Don't worry about it. It's all part of my major grand plan that I'm not even sure what it is.

Also I hopefully want to go and visit some people that I know that are still at uni. But we'll see.

Hasta Luego

The Road So Far: October? What's October?

I'm going to keep this really short otherwise it could be really very long.

On September 25th I flew out to Lima in Peru and stared my 35day adventure across the great country that is South America. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned the planning process or the anticipation of this trip before *Goes and does a quick search to check* [] but it's been a long time coming.

I went to Peru; where I did the Inca Trail and laid eyes on the wonder that is Machu Pichu, Bolivia; Where I learnt that the perspective pictures on the Salt Flats are a lot harder than I anticipated, Chile; Where my passion for the stars grew and Argentina; The place that made me feel like I was finally home.

Landing back in the UK on October 31st, was the day that I was suddenly angry to live in London. A first for me. To calm the storm brewing inside me as everyone told me how glad they were that I was back and I could do nothing but grunt in disagreement, I allowed myself to wallow for a few days..... Then started planning my trips for next year. Whether or not they will come to pass is irrelevant. I always like to be prepared. Belgium, Asia and New York, here I come.

The Road So Far: Summer 2014

*Cue Kansas - Carry On Son*

So this summer, as always, I had a list of things I wanted to do. I have been making a summer list for as long as I can remember and this years consisted of the following.

Make Tie Dye T-shirts
Ride A Barclays Bike
Have Ukulele Lessons
Go to Hyde Park
Go To Bournemouth Beach
Have a Spa Day
Find a Second Job
Go To Harry  Potter Studios
Go out for a Steak Meal
See The Lion King in Theatre
Go to Meat Liquor
Go To Thorpe Park in September

I know I know. Two out of Twelve is actually just miserable. Normally it's because I let work get in the way, but this time around, I just had so much on.... social wise, that I just didn't have the time. Also a lot of these aren't one person activities, and my sister who I usually drag along with me, had a busy summer with friends as she was going off to un is September, and my other sister who never has any plans, actually had a job this summer and our schedules never coincided. Sad Times.

Well actually no, not really cause I had a lot of fun this summer at work. I was so high up in the rank this summer that the job itself was actually just a breeze. -Side Note: I applied for Supervisor but didn't get it for reasons I won't go into, but in the end I was glad I didn't get it as I had so much more fun just doing what I do- I also met some kickass people. All in all it was actually my best and worst summer which makes it the most interesting in someways.

Shout out to my main bitches and my side bitches

Saturday, 8 November 2014

I am glad that people in the world still blog regularly, even though I am sadly not one of those people.

I have developed into one of those binge bloggers. I post a shit load then there will be nothing from me for months. Though like I always say, it' cause there is nothing interesting happening in my day to day life.

Let the mass binge blogging begin.


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