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Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Final Phases

When I say The Final Phase I don't specifically mean because November is coming to a close and the twelfth month of the year is dawning. I say this because way back when I always knew 2014 would be a good year for me, and when Ii say way back when, I mean like 2010. As I always knew that was the year I would finish university, and I could not wait, till my educational life came to an end. Officially. (Never say never). But as time went on, things got added to the 2014 list until I was left with....
Finish Uni in June
Last Summer at the Palace (Hopefully) July-Sept
South America in September - November
Graduate in November
Christmas Job/Relax until the new year.

And after Graduating last week.......

[My parents actually made it on time. No-one was more surprised than me.... except for my sister maybe. But we decided that we knew so deeply they wouldn't make it, that the universe HAD to make them make it. It's all in the stars]

I am now in the final phases, and I have to say that I am remarkably happy. Unbelievably so. The constant haze of depression that normally surrounds and intrudes on my everyday life is....dormant. Still there but inactive, and I can happily live with that. Honestly it's been this way since the last week of September when I jetted off and it's stuck around. I guess it's true, when people ask me when I am happiest, and my answer is; When I'm doing nothing.

Saying that I did start a silver service casual waiting staff job, and have done two shifts this week and have an Interview for a Christmas temp job tomorrow, but as the waitressing is casual I can work when I feel like it (Which means rarely) and the Christmas temp job (if I get it) is only until mid January, which works perfectly perfect with my plans. Hazar.

Happy Turkey Day mofos.

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