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Monday, 29 December 2014

Quick Catch Up

Item 1.
Me and my friends did presents and it went well, I bought and received the following:

Yorkshire Tea & The Wolf Of Wallstreet (Book) ~ Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters

Rubber Band Shooter Gun ~ Touch Screen Gloves

Hungover Pj's ~ Grow Your Own Boyfriend/Hipflask 

We had a blast.

Item 2.
I Now have three holidays in the works for 2015 as opposed to me earlier one.

Item 3.
My house is not a pleasant place to be right now for anybody, I managed to still catch jokes with my sisters, one of which came back on Boxing Day (She lives abroad) but Christmas was pretty much meh.

Item 4.
It was my friends birthday mid December, where I met all her other friends and we went to some chic bar in Shoreditch. It was all in all a jokes time. Shout Out to my Main Bitch.

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