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Friday, 30 January 2015

New Favourite Show Alert

It's probably a little premature to write a review about it as only four episodes have aired to date but, I am totally loving the show Empire.

It is based on the Shakespearean play King Lear (which I have neither seen nor read) and tells the story of Lucious Lyon, the owner of a successful Record Label; Empire. On learning about a fatal illness he makes arrangements for his legacy by telling his three sons that one day he will leave everything to one of them. It becomes a game of brother against brother as each have their own reasons and methods of wanting to sit on the throne. Into the mix, Lucious' ex-wife and mother to his three kids, Cookie, has recently been let out of prison and she wants what she's owed.
The story based mainly in the present has a few jumps back to the past to the days when Lucious and Cookie where starting in the music industry.

I have basically just given you a full on bio which I actually didn't intend to do, so yeah, enjoy that. I love the show, it's funny, refreshing and Terrance Howard who plays Lucious Lyon is fine as hell. Also I love the character of Cookie, she point blank straight u fearless, and so is Taraji Henson who plays her.
I don't know if there's going to be a UK release on the show (Though I wouldn't hold my breath) but if you have the time start it up.

Last year my favourite new show was Reign (The one about Mary Queen of Scotts) but that has taken a serious back burner and I believe I've only watched two episodes and don't see myself continuing anytime in the near future.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Taking A Quick Break

I have a loose schedule for the week which consists of

Monday: Look for jobs to apply to and bookmark them
Tuesday: Apply for jobs
Wednesday: Apply for jobs/Other creative things
Thursday - Friday: A mix of the above (By this time in the week there's nothing to do)
Weekend: Relax

Mostly it gets to Wednesday and after a quick browse there is nothing to do on the job front so I binge watch episodes of Lost or whatever. Today I signed up for a paid membership on a jobsite which will last a month and now have a load of things to apply for. Whether or not this will be fruitful proves to be seen, but I can hardly sit around complaining about there being nothing to apply for when in theory there is.

Okay that's all, back to the application process, as soon as I get through all the ones that expire within a week I can stop.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Music is My Boyfriend

With music on the brain after that post about Fall Out Boys latest Album I thought I would just tell you what my most recent downloads were, then I'll get reading Mindys Book.

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk
Paramore - Brick by Boring Brick
Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants
Paramore - Still Into You
Trey Songz ft Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy - Hail Mary
Panic! At The Disco - The Ballad of Mona Lisa
Ed Sheeran - Sing
Take That - These Days
Nicki Minaj ft Drake, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne - Only
Beyonce - 711
One Direction - Midnight Memories
Taylor Swift - Blank Space
McBusted - Get Over It
Fall Out Boy - Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today
Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend

Highlighted are my top tunes.

I tend to binge download my Shazam/Soundhound list so most of this was downloaded around 11th January, and yes if you do the math I am very late coming to party for a few of these songs but I've been using Youtube Music Mix recently to listen to new music and some of them (like Sing) didn't appeal to me at the time of it's release.

Okay I'm out.

Super Excited To Be Starting This Bad Boy

American Beauty/American Psycho

Album reviews are obviously not my thing, but I guess in some ways it is because I just post about anything.
So one of my favourite bands Fall Out Boy have released a new album. A bit of background knowledge for you, they released four studio albums between 2003 and 2008 before taking an "Indefinite Hiatus" only to thankfully return 5 years later with a new album. Now they have released their 6th studio album American Beauty/American Psycho. {Hence forth known as ABAP}

From the few singles they released pre album launch; Centuries, Immortals and ABAP, I knew that the sound was going to be very different than anything else they had ever released. Now I'm not one of those fans that will start hating on a band and calling them a sell out when they change their sound, But ultimately I would say this album is my least favourite of anything they have released, like I seriously listened to nothing else but their "comeback" album Save Rock and Roll for two weeks straight, then only twice a day for the rest of the month as I finally started listening to other music.

Where their other albums are a lot more rock/alternative, ABAP is more like techno pop, and I feel like you can't sing along to any of it, which is essentially a weird thing to have a problem with, but I love nothing more than blasting speakers and screeching at the top of my lungs along to my favourite songs.

The album does have a few choice songs such as ABAP, Immortals, Forth of July, Uma Thurman, but I won't be absorbing it like I essentially did all of their other albums. I feel like they went out to Save Rock and Roll and realised it was an impossible task and gave up.

Still I'm happy they're still making music and that Immortals is the soundtrack for new (and personally eagerly anticipated) movie Big Hero 6 (30th January UK release)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Can I be paid for my blog posts now? I think I deserve it.

Well maybe not deserve, but it would be nice to be paid for doing something that is basically a hobby.

Yo, Did I mention I started watching Lost?

Considering I basically watch all my shows on my laptop on the American schedule, there is little reason for me to really be on the couch watching TV. Not including the films I record/download onto the Sky+ Box. Therefore as I'm sure I have previously mentioned, I now watch a few shows on the UK schedule which is annoying as hell cause I am basically self banned from Tumblr. These shows include Modern Family, Arrow, The Flash and The 100.

But to fill the void of these weekly shows I need a constant to fill the void. Lost has always been at the back of my mind to watch but when I saw it On Demand in December, I thought: Screw It.

I've only watched two seasons thus far, but they have been pretty damn good seasons. Watching as both a gifted viewer and someone who has studied the conventions of film and TV since I was 15, I have to admit that it so far I understand the hype that surrounded it when it came out.

Not going to say much more than that as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who may be thinking about watching it. What I will say is whom I love, hate and find funny.

I hate Kate. Even if I do grow to like her it's impossible as m and my sister have turned hating her into a joke (as we do with most things) Every time she speaks we just yell: OMG SHUT UP KATE. It's to fun to ever warrant stopping.

I love Sayid. He's just a bad ass, and cute as hell. Plus we all know I tend to have a thing for the tortured soul (Pun Intended) slash Violent Characters.

I wouldn't say the next two I mention are particularly funny, it's more so that once again me and my sister turned it into a whole big joke that has us bowled over in stitches, and that is Walt and Michael. It's all basically because of the way Walt yells the word "Dad" and how Michael yells the word "Walt" Once you notice you notice, and if you ever watch it with us you too will never be able to hear those two names ever again without a slither of laughter.

Okay I am going to end it there, and just say that I think it's really clever how they really use the fear of the unknown and unseen as a way to entice the audience and scare the characters.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

So  have been applying to jobs, think I did like 5 yesterday, and as most jobs are listed on Monday there will probably be nothing more for me to apply for until next week, except for a few drips and drabs that may come through.

I am also quickly running out of money. I blame the £500 I roughly spent fixing my car in December, but also I was supposed to have started one of my casual jobs by now but they are taking FAR TO LONG TO GET MOVING. Pretty much stopped the waitressing one because lets face it: No.

On the plus side I do have time to be doing other things like reading and writing and TV binge watching but I have an overdraft to pay for, holidays to save for, dinners to go out to and nice things to buy myself so this nonsense cannot continue. I'm going to give them to the end of the week to talk to me about a start date otherwise things are going to get very sarcastic up in here.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Bye Bye Birdy

So that's it, the tree is down, the siblings have left and so the holidays are officially over.

My sister came back for Christmas this year from Ukraine, (where she's at university for those of you that didn't know) and it was good to see her. Me and my sisters are all pretty darn close, not in a boys, periods and sex way, but in a Constant Catch Jokes way, all probably down to the fact that we band together over the ridiculousness of our parents. When any of us are together there is always a reason to laugh. But now the laughter is over, as they have both gone and I am left in this prison fortress that is my parents house alone.

Now I can hear the one who have kept up to date with my life saying: But I thought you have a brother? Very good, I do, but you haven't been playing close enough attention because I don't speak to him. So ultimately I am alone.

It's partially good that they have left though because I was supposed to start the job hunting process this week, but with my sister around it was near enough impossible to actually get anything worth while done. I therefore decided this Wednesday to start the search the following Monday.

So there it is. Yes I have some people that I could go out with but the problem is everyone is working, or saving after the crazy expenditure period that is Christmas, I don't think I'll be seeing my friend Becki until February maybe.

I do have a few things jotted down in my diary for January and I am probably more so miffed that I no longer have any excuse to not buckle down and look for a job.

Bye Bye Birdy
Bye Bye Freedom
Bye Bye Sister
Bye Bye Friend
Bye Bye Money
Bye Bye
-Bye Bye A poem by Jen Francis

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Would love to be blogging about interesting stuff that is happening to me...

a) I lead a boring life
b) I'm to private to actually share anything to do with jobs/guys/family etc
c) I'm going to have to come up with a new arc for you guys.

Day 1: Fail

I was supposed to start organising things today.... well yesterday technically. But I just didn't. I ran a few errands in the afternoon then got home and did absolutely naught. I shall try again tomorrow.

In other news, I FINALLY watched the first episode of How To Get Away With Murder (Shonda Rimes new show) and I gave up on Revenge, which resurfaced today after the Winter break. I just watched two minutes and was like; Nope, can't do it anymore. Oh well out with the old and in with the new.

Haven't eaten anything all day and I just realised how starving I am.

Fingers crossed to my day of productivity tomorrow.... Well today technically. I'll probably be surfacing from bed in 12hours time.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


The break is over. My post uni, post summer job, post trip rest period has finally come to an end. Rest In Peace.

This basically means that I need to actually start looking for a job and just the rest of my life. 

Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely excited to start, I have never been one of those people who want to delay starting (what I deem to be) the best part of life, but I have been resting for so long it'll be a lil hard to get back into a routine that doesn't include my current 2pm wake up time. 

Anywho, we all know how I love my plans and there are quite a few in the works for this year, I am so unexplainably pleased to be done with education that who knows what I'll get up to.... Well passed the fundamental job acquiring plans.

That's all that I have to say, but as per usje with the first post of the year: I'll try and post more this year.


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