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Monday, 26 January 2015

American Beauty/American Psycho

Album reviews are obviously not my thing, but I guess in some ways it is because I just post about anything.
So one of my favourite bands Fall Out Boy have released a new album. A bit of background knowledge for you, they released four studio albums between 2003 and 2008 before taking an "Indefinite Hiatus" only to thankfully return 5 years later with a new album. Now they have released their 6th studio album American Beauty/American Psycho. {Hence forth known as ABAP}

From the few singles they released pre album launch; Centuries, Immortals and ABAP, I knew that the sound was going to be very different than anything else they had ever released. Now I'm not one of those fans that will start hating on a band and calling them a sell out when they change their sound, But ultimately I would say this album is my least favourite of anything they have released, like I seriously listened to nothing else but their "comeback" album Save Rock and Roll for two weeks straight, then only twice a day for the rest of the month as I finally started listening to other music.

Where their other albums are a lot more rock/alternative, ABAP is more like techno pop, and I feel like you can't sing along to any of it, which is essentially a weird thing to have a problem with, but I love nothing more than blasting speakers and screeching at the top of my lungs along to my favourite songs.

The album does have a few choice songs such as ABAP, Immortals, Forth of July, Uma Thurman, but I won't be absorbing it like I essentially did all of their other albums. I feel like they went out to Save Rock and Roll and realised it was an impossible task and gave up.

Still I'm happy they're still making music and that Immortals is the soundtrack for new (and personally eagerly anticipated) movie Big Hero 6 (30th January UK release)

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