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Friday, 9 January 2015

Bye Bye Birdy

So that's it, the tree is down, the siblings have left and so the holidays are officially over.

My sister came back for Christmas this year from Ukraine, (where she's at university for those of you that didn't know) and it was good to see her. Me and my sisters are all pretty darn close, not in a boys, periods and sex way, but in a Constant Catch Jokes way, all probably down to the fact that we band together over the ridiculousness of our parents. When any of us are together there is always a reason to laugh. But now the laughter is over, as they have both gone and I am left in this prison fortress that is my parents house alone.

Now I can hear the one who have kept up to date with my life saying: But I thought you have a brother? Very good, I do, but you haven't been playing close enough attention because I don't speak to him. So ultimately I am alone.

It's partially good that they have left though because I was supposed to start the job hunting process this week, but with my sister around it was near enough impossible to actually get anything worth while done. I therefore decided this Wednesday to start the search the following Monday.

So there it is. Yes I have some people that I could go out with but the problem is everyone is working, or saving after the crazy expenditure period that is Christmas, I don't think I'll be seeing my friend Becki until February maybe.

I do have a few things jotted down in my diary for January and I am probably more so miffed that I no longer have any excuse to not buckle down and look for a job.

Bye Bye Birdy
Bye Bye Freedom
Bye Bye Sister
Bye Bye Friend
Bye Bye Money
Bye Bye
-Bye Bye A poem by Jen Francis

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