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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

So  have been applying to jobs, think I did like 5 yesterday, and as most jobs are listed on Monday there will probably be nothing more for me to apply for until next week, except for a few drips and drabs that may come through.

I am also quickly running out of money. I blame the £500 I roughly spent fixing my car in December, but also I was supposed to have started one of my casual jobs by now but they are taking FAR TO LONG TO GET MOVING. Pretty much stopped the waitressing one because lets face it: No.

On the plus side I do have time to be doing other things like reading and writing and TV binge watching but I have an overdraft to pay for, holidays to save for, dinners to go out to and nice things to buy myself so this nonsense cannot continue. I'm going to give them to the end of the week to talk to me about a start date otherwise things are going to get very sarcastic up in here.

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