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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Taking A Quick Break

I have a loose schedule for the week which consists of

Monday: Look for jobs to apply to and bookmark them
Tuesday: Apply for jobs
Wednesday: Apply for jobs/Other creative things
Thursday - Friday: A mix of the above (By this time in the week there's nothing to do)
Weekend: Relax

Mostly it gets to Wednesday and after a quick browse there is nothing to do on the job front so I binge watch episodes of Lost or whatever. Today I signed up for a paid membership on a jobsite which will last a month and now have a load of things to apply for. Whether or not this will be fruitful proves to be seen, but I can hardly sit around complaining about there being nothing to apply for when in theory there is.

Okay that's all, back to the application process, as soon as I get through all the ones that expire within a week I can stop.

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