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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Yo, Did I mention I started watching Lost?

Considering I basically watch all my shows on my laptop on the American schedule, there is little reason for me to really be on the couch watching TV. Not including the films I record/download onto the Sky+ Box. Therefore as I'm sure I have previously mentioned, I now watch a few shows on the UK schedule which is annoying as hell cause I am basically self banned from Tumblr. These shows include Modern Family, Arrow, The Flash and The 100.

But to fill the void of these weekly shows I need a constant to fill the void. Lost has always been at the back of my mind to watch but when I saw it On Demand in December, I thought: Screw It.

I've only watched two seasons thus far, but they have been pretty damn good seasons. Watching as both a gifted viewer and someone who has studied the conventions of film and TV since I was 15, I have to admit that it so far I understand the hype that surrounded it when it came out.

Not going to say much more than that as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who may be thinking about watching it. What I will say is whom I love, hate and find funny.

I hate Kate. Even if I do grow to like her it's impossible as m and my sister have turned hating her into a joke (as we do with most things) Every time she speaks we just yell: OMG SHUT UP KATE. It's to fun to ever warrant stopping.

I love Sayid. He's just a bad ass, and cute as hell. Plus we all know I tend to have a thing for the tortured soul (Pun Intended) slash Violent Characters.

I wouldn't say the next two I mention are particularly funny, it's more so that once again me and my sister turned it into a whole big joke that has us bowled over in stitches, and that is Walt and Michael. It's all basically because of the way Walt yells the word "Dad" and how Michael yells the word "Walt" Once you notice you notice, and if you ever watch it with us you too will never be able to hear those two names ever again without a slither of laughter.

Okay I am going to end it there, and just say that I think it's really clever how they really use the fear of the unknown and unseen as a way to entice the audience and scare the characters.

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