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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

They must all go to Brighton. That is the place to get husbands.

On Saturday I went to see my sister who is studying in Brighton.

I was originally planning to go and vist her for a few days, like from Thursday - Sunday and I also intended to visit another friend while I was there. But my friend is a flake and my sister has a single bed. a) I don't sleep on the floor and b) Let's face it I haven't got the money to spend frivolously on a student night out. So instead I decided to just drive up for the day, which left me the comfort of my own transportation and music at an appropriately loud volume.

 I got there at 10:00 and Louise (My sister) showed me around campus, which involved a lot of "holding on to each other with laughter" and dancing in the street moments. We also at this moment decided to be Basic Bitches and Snapchat the entire day (Electing to be a Basic Bitch does not make you a Basic Bitch as it is a conscious decision that you walk into with your eyes wide open.)

This caption really made me laugh at the time and I can't think why

She introduced me to her flatmates where I put my foot in my mouth by asking if one of her flatmates was coming along to the house viewing (forgetting Louise told me he wasn't living with them) In my defense I suck at names and just general remembering of things so oooops. I think I managed to defuse the awkward silence by talking about how awkward it was that I brought it up, before my sister excusing me by reminding me that I needed to pee. In hindsight it was bloody hilarious.
We took a bus and walked up a stupidly long hill to go an see a house that her and her friends were thinking about living next year, Oh the nostalgia.
Next the two of us headed into town where we went down to the pier, which I absolutely HATED. I feel like I went there once with someone from highschool but I do not remember how far we walked down the pier or if I chickened out. This time I was no chicken but instead clung to my baby sister for dear life and did nothing but whinge and moan and yelp every time a board so much as creaked. If it isn't already obvious; I have a completely rational fear of water. Especially of the open variety.

My "Oh My God I'm So Terrified" Face, I think I wear it well

Next she took me to the "lanes" as she knows I have a love for random things, and I did find the cutest little shop This is Not A Butcher I think it was called, which had so many random bizzaro stuff, I kept pointing to things saying "Oooh I would own that" "I have ALWAYS wanted one of these" "Why don't I have my own place so I can fill it with all this stuff" "My house is going to be filled with so much junk" We then went to eat at a burger place called Bills and then after a walk along the shore where she showed me some of the clubs we hustled back on a bus and hightailed it into her dorm. Suffice to say January by the sea is cold a a mother.

No, no I couldn't fit this bad boy in my mouth (That's what she said)

I had a little lie down and met a few more of Lousie's friends. I honestly don't know what the fasination was with me, and not even in an obnoxious way, her friends literally ran across all corners of the Block to meet me.... Okay one friend did, another was adamant to see me before I left, and one barged in in the morning to see me in the morning still in Pj's and everything. It was sweet but unnerving, I can only assume that  I come up a lot in my sisters conversations.

Any-whom, I didn't stay late as I was getting tired and really could not afford to crash my car or go through the process of dying before I'd informed my sisters of the funeral playlist I had in mind and the colour scheme for my coffin and tombstone texture AND inscription (You see what I mean?!) I took off in my lil black Punto Judd and was home by around 8:30.

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