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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Lying Free since '03‏

I am completely fed up of people telling me that I haven't told them something when I have.
I'm sorry that what I say clearly isn't captivating enough for you to remember
but don't now come at me and insist without a shadow of a doubt that you haven't heard something that I have said, when in all honesty I am more likely to remember the word that come out of my own mouth than you are.

Like I am so furious right now. 
Well I'm furious while I am writing this which is at work

But now I'm just thinking about how often it happens and just AHHH!

Seriously it's like everyone's just calling me a liar, and I straight up quit that habit about ten years ago.

Either that or everyone just wants to feel like they are some great hero slash martyr slash fixer of all problems by claiming that they were the first to birth an idea or find the solution for a problem or or or or God knows for whatever reason.

People are stupid.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Holiday Dreaming

Puedo entiendo y leo Espanol pero no lo puedo hablo

I have been trying to learn Spanish for years now, well I did a year at uni and then for the rest of that year I was kind of vigilant with the learning, but then classic me I just stopped, but I then restarted this year, The annoying this is that I can understand Spanish if it's spoken slowly or written about 70% but however, I still can't speak it.

I know that I need to actually speak it to know how to speak it, but I don't have anyone to speak Spanish with and I haven't got time or money to spend a month in rural Spain, or South America - as much as I'd love to be spending time in Argentina right now.... or Cancun.

Okay that's all I have to say on that.

A Good Cup of Tea

I have never been a tea drinker, much to my parents confusion, their exact words being "You children born in this country and you don't like to drink tea" as if being British automatically means that tea drinking is in your genetic make up.

Anywhome, I used to start drinking tea just to warm me up on the inside especially in winter, and the last place I live in uni because it was such a freezing room.

Okay cutting a long story short;

English Breakfast Tea, Almond Milk and Two spoons of Sugar is what I deem a perfect cup of tea.

Politics Politics Politics

So the UK General Election took place on the 7th of May this year, and I was lucky enough to have voted five years ago as well. Last year I kind of just voted, based on some general facts, on hearing what nonsense my dad was spouting (but don't tell him that cause I lied about who I voted for to annoy him).
Backtracking slightly, I have never paid attention to the news, I never knew what was happening in the news unless it was trending on twitter or through word of mouth. Now I know this sounds ridiculous, Lord knows that my parents thought it was, but I took a blind ignorance stance to the harsh realities of the world as ultimately it didn't directly effect me. I knew that I was in the protective bubble of education and in some ways not really a part of the real world. But  I always said - to the deaf ears of those around me - that when I graduated from university I would tune in to the goings on of the world. Well I am always true to my word.

Back in the present, I basically absorbed myself in the news, and thus politics, reading the main policies of the parties and making an informed decision of who I was to vote for, and I don't to say who I voted for but I just want to say that  I am so glad that Miliband did not win, I literally could not stand that man, and his face and his mannerisms and the way he spoke but said nothing, I laughed so loud when he resigned, still hearing about it brings a joyous smile to my face. I did feel bad for Nick Clegg as everyone really should have gotten over the whole University Fees thing, as at the end of the day he wasn't Prime Minister and one never knows how messy things are until they are in the inner sanctum. All in all it was pretty odd how everyone resigned, and Eughk the smugness of Nicola S for the SNP was to much to bare.

Okay okay enough of that but on a last note, my non friend was making a joke about me being Middle Class because my house has four cars.... which there happens to be a very good explanation for but that's not the point, at the end of the day it got me thinking, am I middle class? Like I've never felt particularly wealthy before as my parents never bought us any of the latest toys or gadgets or designer clothes, we've only ever been on two family holidays and I guess just in comparison to my peers or whatever, and I know that stuff doesn't determine your class but just thought I would get out my confusion. Despite it having no conclusion.

That's all folks

Reading the Room

Its always interesting to see how power changes a person.

I have started back at work and though I am there only on a seasonal basis - Thank God - I do do have a few friends who are there year round, and over the years as I have watched others who start after me, but the stay permanently rise through the ranks, I have started to sit back and observe.

There is one person who has really risen since they have started and in a way it suits their personality as they are essentially a control freak bossy boots (couldn't think of the correct professional term) what's funny about said person is that they feel the need to take on every responsibility that they really could delegate. As if, if anyone else would do it they would just to do wrong - or in a different way than they would - which to them is still wrong. It's more so funny for me as I watch them give themselves more and more work to do, then stand up and act like a martyr.

Like my stance this year round is to just sit and do the job, no connections. I had my training week to complain but since then I'm in nut up mode, and I'm just doing me, which is making my time there bearable, so when someone wants to come along and take away some of my responsibilities, as long as my pay ain't being docked then it's a-okay with me boo.

Another person their is in full on know it all mode, even when I'm not directly asking them a question, they be answering. It's a little annoying but it's more hella funny so again - whatever.

Some people need the power in order to feel validated and some people where born with natural ability to take the lead. 

I do love being an observe

Monday, 4 May 2015

Nothing To Report

The problem with being a creative is that you need the time to do what you gotta do, but doing nothing sadly don't pay them dollar dollar bills.

The vicious cycle follows as such: 
You want a job? You must have internship
You want internship? You must pennilessly apply to places where your CV is the same as the person before and after you.
You want money? You have to pick up any old job that leaves you exhausted and with no time to apply to interships which means no job.

A line from one of Chris Rock's stand up comes to mind of this predicament; Married and Bored, Single and Lonely, ain't no happiness nowhere.

I am currently in that Money needing stage, so it's hiatus on my need to apply for jobs for the time being.

Moving on. Back at the old summer job, sadly its 6 months fixed term, when I would have been happier working 3 days a week. Also it's super weird cause a girl I went to school with is working here too, but thankfully in another department and I don't see her often.
I see you with raised eyebrows wondering why it's weird, but I compartmentalise my life like the psycho I am, so having someone in two boxes when they should only be in one, makes me nervous.
No seriously. Think of it like having your mom as your teacher. Just no.

Hmmmmmm what else have I been up to..... Seriously a whole lot of nothing, started a few new shows but think I'll do a separate blog post for those once I've finished watching them, and an over one for my current weekly shows one the season finales have aired.


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