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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Lying Free since '03‏

I am completely fed up of people telling me that I haven't told them something when I have.
I'm sorry that what I say clearly isn't captivating enough for you to remember
but don't now come at me and insist without a shadow of a doubt that you haven't heard something that I have said, when in all honesty I am more likely to remember the word that come out of my own mouth than you are.

Like I am so furious right now. 
Well I'm furious while I am writing this which is at work

But now I'm just thinking about how often it happens and just AHHH!

Seriously it's like everyone's just calling me a liar, and I straight up quit that habit about ten years ago.

Either that or everyone just wants to feel like they are some great hero slash martyr slash fixer of all problems by claiming that they were the first to birth an idea or find the solution for a problem or or or or God knows for whatever reason.

People are stupid.

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