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Monday, 4 May 2015

Nothing To Report

The problem with being a creative is that you need the time to do what you gotta do, but doing nothing sadly don't pay them dollar dollar bills.

The vicious cycle follows as such: 
You want a job? You must have internship
You want internship? You must pennilessly apply to places where your CV is the same as the person before and after you.
You want money? You have to pick up any old job that leaves you exhausted and with no time to apply to interships which means no job.

A line from one of Chris Rock's stand up comes to mind of this predicament; Married and Bored, Single and Lonely, ain't no happiness nowhere.

I am currently in that Money needing stage, so it's hiatus on my need to apply for jobs for the time being.

Moving on. Back at the old summer job, sadly its 6 months fixed term, when I would have been happier working 3 days a week. Also it's super weird cause a girl I went to school with is working here too, but thankfully in another department and I don't see her often.
I see you with raised eyebrows wondering why it's weird, but I compartmentalise my life like the psycho I am, so having someone in two boxes when they should only be in one, makes me nervous.
No seriously. Think of it like having your mom as your teacher. Just no.

Hmmmmmm what else have I been up to..... Seriously a whole lot of nothing, started a few new shows but think I'll do a separate blog post for those once I've finished watching them, and an over one for my current weekly shows one the season finales have aired.

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