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Monday, 11 May 2015

Politics Politics Politics

So the UK General Election took place on the 7th of May this year, and I was lucky enough to have voted five years ago as well. Last year I kind of just voted, based on some general facts, on hearing what nonsense my dad was spouting (but don't tell him that cause I lied about who I voted for to annoy him).
Backtracking slightly, I have never paid attention to the news, I never knew what was happening in the news unless it was trending on twitter or through word of mouth. Now I know this sounds ridiculous, Lord knows that my parents thought it was, but I took a blind ignorance stance to the harsh realities of the world as ultimately it didn't directly effect me. I knew that I was in the protective bubble of education and in some ways not really a part of the real world. But  I always said - to the deaf ears of those around me - that when I graduated from university I would tune in to the goings on of the world. Well I am always true to my word.

Back in the present, I basically absorbed myself in the news, and thus politics, reading the main policies of the parties and making an informed decision of who I was to vote for, and I don't to say who I voted for but I just want to say that  I am so glad that Miliband did not win, I literally could not stand that man, and his face and his mannerisms and the way he spoke but said nothing, I laughed so loud when he resigned, still hearing about it brings a joyous smile to my face. I did feel bad for Nick Clegg as everyone really should have gotten over the whole University Fees thing, as at the end of the day he wasn't Prime Minister and one never knows how messy things are until they are in the inner sanctum. All in all it was pretty odd how everyone resigned, and Eughk the smugness of Nicola S for the SNP was to much to bare.

Okay okay enough of that but on a last note, my non friend was making a joke about me being Middle Class because my house has four cars.... which there happens to be a very good explanation for but that's not the point, at the end of the day it got me thinking, am I middle class? Like I've never felt particularly wealthy before as my parents never bought us any of the latest toys or gadgets or designer clothes, we've only ever been on two family holidays and I guess just in comparison to my peers or whatever, and I know that stuff doesn't determine your class but just thought I would get out my confusion. Despite it having no conclusion.

That's all folks

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