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Monday, 11 May 2015

Reading the Room

Its always interesting to see how power changes a person.

I have started back at work and though I am there only on a seasonal basis - Thank God - I do do have a few friends who are there year round, and over the years as I have watched others who start after me, but the stay permanently rise through the ranks, I have started to sit back and observe.

There is one person who has really risen since they have started and in a way it suits their personality as they are essentially a control freak bossy boots (couldn't think of the correct professional term) what's funny about said person is that they feel the need to take on every responsibility that they really could delegate. As if, if anyone else would do it they would just to do wrong - or in a different way than they would - which to them is still wrong. It's more so funny for me as I watch them give themselves more and more work to do, then stand up and act like a martyr.

Like my stance this year round is to just sit and do the job, no connections. I had my training week to complain but since then I'm in nut up mode, and I'm just doing me, which is making my time there bearable, so when someone wants to come along and take away some of my responsibilities, as long as my pay ain't being docked then it's a-okay with me boo.

Another person their is in full on know it all mode, even when I'm not directly asking them a question, they be answering. It's a little annoying but it's more hella funny so again - whatever.

Some people need the power in order to feel validated and some people where born with natural ability to take the lead. 

I do love being an observe

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