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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Afternoon Rants

Contrary to popular belief I am actually a very quiet person.

I am only loud if you know me, and that means that I often come across as shy, which is not synonymous with quiet.

My point being that I mostly let rude behaviour slide by, because I don't care enough about a person or their life to actually get into anything. But make no mistake that I could.

I instead just cut you a very filthy or heavily laced sarcastic look to convey my annoyance. 

Just making this post cause today two people have already gotten on my last nerve due to a gesture of a sentence that I perceived as rude. Sure fair enough I may be slightly over the top in my analysis and they may not actually be being rude, but to late, I have a one strike rule so lets hope for their sake they stay the hell away from me or say nothing else to piss me off.

I sound very mean, and really my bark is worse than my bite.... if I'm having a good day.

Currently I have made my castle out of sand and the tide is about to come in. That is how I feel about my job, but once it gets to July I can start looking for a degree relevant job, as I have more or less suspended the process for the past few months as I needed the cash money money cash money. And I have a holiday coming up

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  1. I can really relate. Our personalities are a little similar. I'm very quiet, too, when I'm around people I don't know. Around my family and friends, it's a whole different story. Not that I'm ever the life of the party or anything, but I definitely open up a whole lot more. Oh and good luck on your job search... :)



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