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Friday, 10 July 2015

What Happens In Ibiza.....

.....Gets written about it my blog.

Aren't you lucky.

Saying that nothing exciting actually happened. I'm not sure if you would have guessed but I am really not into the whole "Let's get drunk" scene. Never have and probably never will be. That is too say that I do drink, but being drunk is never my aim. And for those that drunkenness is the aim, please be aware that you should really get that shit checked out because I'm sure it's an early on set sign of alcoholism. Just saying.

So I went with my friend Becki and then two of her friends and then one friend of her friend who she knows but is not necessarily friends with as they don't move in the same circles. I went out of curiosity of a "Party Holiday" but also because I wanted to get away - £500+ would be a lot of money to spend on curiosity no?

I'm tired so lets keep this brief. Did I have fun? Yes. How can you not say you have fun when you come back with your own personal nicknames?!

Did  I drink? Well of course but not as much as everyone else, I possibly stopped drinking after the third night (out of seven) because I am just not about that life and drinks were hella expensive.

Okay couple o snaps;

Nights out, Performances, Dance music, Lovely Laura, Sunset Strip, Vodka and Orange, Water,  Malibu and Coke, Disco Bus Fights, The Everything Restaurants, Paprika Lays, Early Mornings and Late Afternoons, Speaking Spanish, Octopus, Book Club, Day 5, Soul City. 

That about perfectly sums up my holiday. Roll on my next holiday.

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