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Monday, 28 September 2015

If I see the colour Coral one more time, imma lose my shit... and other tales of Summer 2015

So summer is over once more, and I know you may be reading this post and saying; Jen, it's the end of September, you're a month late you numpty. And to that I would tell you to not inturupt the storyteller.

So I have done some blogging over the summer but here's a few things that I may not have mentioned.

In August, my aunt had her 50th birthday, which took place at The Dorchester in London, which was all well and good except for the fact there was a colour scheme. And I;m not talking about your average ordinary everyday colours neither, No no no, my aunt wanted everyone to be dressed in Coral and Gold. NEITHER of which colour was currently in style in the end we all - and by that I mean my sisters and I - ended up with some half assed dresses that passed for presentable, but we had a good time.

(Classic toilet snap... Hence the constipated look on my face)

Hmmmmm what else did I do this summer?
Ah yes, I had my London day, to which I invited my older sister, as I tend to do the day alone. The weather was good, some builder stopped me to tell me I was beautiful, which was really nice of him. I got to go to the Natural History Museum, FINALLY ride a Barclays - Now Santander - Bike, go to the Bank of England Museum, had Chicken and Waffles in Shoreditch, amongst other things. My list was so long I only managed to get around to doing half, but it was a good half.

(Classic wind in blowing making me look devastatingly attractive)

(Pride and Prejudice in the Park)

(Lifting weights like the super rich)

Also managed to get a ticket to see Memphis, which  have waned to see for about a year, it was really funny, enjoyed the plot, and glad and I went and saw it alone. As we all know, I grow tired of waiting for people.
There weren't to many crazy nights out this summer, a lot of dinner dates with friends, the odd drink or two and a good conversation with a decent bunch of people. Making new friends, prioritising life, sister fun days, baking, meal making. It was all very calming, no stress no drama, just life, which is all I want.

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