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Monday, 28 September 2015

The Last Summer

Contrary to what is popular belief in the office at work.

This summer is was my last summer.

I literally couldn't work there any more even if I was unemployed at the time.

Just No.

It has been a good run, half a decade worth of Summers have been spent there.

I have made friends

I have made enemies

I have made a name for myself whilst I was there.

And now it's over.

I don't really do emotions, but there was a wave of nostalgia as I left the office for the last time.

However I didn't even think to look back.

My life isn't a single book, I see it more like a series of books.

The Summers were the holiday edition mini series within the saga.

The mini series has come to an end.

1st Summer (2011)

2nd Summer (2012)

3rd Summer (2013)

4th Summer (2014)

I had a good run.

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