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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Blog Challenge: Day 2 - 20 Facts About You

Well I did just do an A-Z factoid post but okay here we go.

1. I wear socks to bed, even in the summer.
2. I can't sing.
3. I prefer my own company.
4. I love to eat.
5. I hate Orange; The Flavour and Colour
6. Love Lipstick
7. I print pictures once a year
8. I don't do diets.
9. If I'm not interested I won't bother
10. I like Nicki Minaj
11. Taylor Swifts 1989 album was bomb
12. I've never wanted to be anyone else
13. I can't dance, as in synchronised moves
14. I used to do gymnastics
15. I can't play an instrument
16. I am 36% fluent in Spanish
17. A firm believer in doing what makes you happy
18. I'm never embarrassed, I'm to honest and uncaring to be.
19. I've watched so many make-up tutorials on YouTube.... I never/rarely wear make-up
20. Much prefer American TV and basically life over British

Monday, 26 October 2015

Blog Challenge: Day 1 - Your Blog's Name

This is a pretty stupid question but I'll try and answer it with some flair.

My Blog's name - as you can all very well see - is Welcome To My World.

The meaning is pretty self explanatory, I think I used this title for my MySpace and Bebo accounts so I just brought it over with me.

I thought about changing it a few times but I couldn't think of anything that particularly personified my current stage in my life. The term Welcome To My World is pretty ageless so it works. I think I may have changed my subheading, can't think what it used to say so it was probably nothing particularly inspiring.

Okay that's it.

Side Note: I probably won't actually post day to day for this Blog Challenge, I'm pretty forgetful.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


Another post that was saved as a draft:

I have realised that parenting is much more than providing the basics for your children: Food, Shelter, Clothing, Education.

It's about knowing them and helping them, talking to them and doing more than just the fundamentals, like good for you that your work 60 hours a week and you send your kids to tuition and make sure there's food on the table. But if you're not around to check their progress, ask what they need help with or even cook, then it's all a waste of time.

Stay at home parents are grossly unappreciated.

Just a thought that sparked after seeing this father come into the library with his kids twice a week to help them with their homework.

Pet Peevs

As I am sure I have most likely mentioned in the past what, 6 years of blogging?

Yowza that's a long ass time.

I hate when people try to tell me that they know me more than I know myself.

You really really really don't.

Anyway someone a year maybe two ago assured me that the whole Job Searching process and rejection process would make me really depressed. I told them it wouldn't and they said those words that I hate so much; TRUST ME IT WILL. Nah B. We ain't the same person.

Sidenote: This was save as a draft and I'm not sure what mental state I was in when I drafted this... or where I was or what made me vent but imma post it anyway. Probably someone at the palace assuring me that I will be back next summer. Idiots.

What's In My Bag

Don't ask me why but I've always wanted to do one of these, so here I go.

So here's my current bag. I'm super picky so normally own one bag at a time and just wear it until it breaks or fades or I get bored. Think I got this one from or something, and I placed a 2 litre water bottle next to it so you can get an idea of the size.

Okay so for the fun part:

So from Left to Right and starting at the top....

I always carry an umbrella no matter the season, because England, also a novel, a notebook and my diary (Date book diary not "Dear Diary" diary)

The square tin with a tiger is my sanitary towel case, I have my Disney Princess themed tissues, hand cream and my lovely sparkly purse.

Deodorant, house keys, car keys, ipod, the blue square is a portable charger, gloves because my hands are always cold. 5 pens (because it makes it a lot easier to find one when I need it) 3 lipsticks, 1 lipstain and 1 lipgloss.

A tonne of crap e.g; cinema tickets, sweet wrappers, receipts. Oyster card, carrier bag because this new 5p law is wack, my mirror which my sister got for me from Czech Republic, Vaseline, less than £3 in change, an almost empty pack of polos, one red and one brown lip liner.

And that's what I carry around with me on a constant basis, minus the portable charger and my car keys which I throw in there when needed.

I feel like I need to explain the abundance  of lip products. Firstly I love lipstick, it's the only make up Ii wear regularly. I have three lipsticks is because one is like a nude brown and the other is a red, both everyday lipsticks that I apply if I don't have time before I leave the house. The third tube is normally one that I have chosen before I leave the house and thus need around for reapplication. The lipstain I forgot to take out and I'm not sure why the lipgloss is there... think I went through a phase a few months ago. There was a point last week I had six tubes of lipstick in my bag.

Okay that's all folks.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Not sure if I'm annoyed or if this instils hope.

Na definitely annoyed

But at the end of the day I guess it will make me work harder as I know that shit is possible.

I guess you could call me a hopeful humbug

Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Inconceivable Science of Man

Why is that men always want to look through a girls phone?

They want to see all the pictures you have, read all the messages you're having.

They want your phones password.

They think you have something to hide just because you dare say no.

Not that you have to make any excuses as to why you don't want to give them free reign, but in my case, I assured the guy that I am a boring person.

Which is a 1000% true.

I told him there were no nude photos of anyone on my phone, that there were no dirty text messages, no clandestine arrangements being made. That I may have the tinder app but I have never actually liked anyone on it.

And yet they still didn't believe me, and so, to prove a point - more so for myself - I handed the phone over.

Kind of.

I gave them a quick scroll through my message list, to which they were unimpressed. Then I let them have free reign of my photos. And I have a lot of photos.

And do you know what he said to me after?

Do you want to know what three little words caused me to kick right off into a stereotypical black girl rant?

"You're boring man."


I told you there was nothing, you didn't believe me, and so just because I tell the truth and there's actually nothing incriminating on my phone I'm boring?

Nah B, I ain't here for all that.

And when I asked to look at his phone you know what he said?

"Naaa I got some pretty bad stuff on there."

Can you imagine the hypocrisy?
The gall?
The nerve?
The outright ridiculousness of that?

Welcome to society.


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