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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pet Peevs

As I am sure I have most likely mentioned in the past what, 6 years of blogging?

Yowza that's a long ass time.

I hate when people try to tell me that they know me more than I know myself.

You really really really don't.

Anyway someone a year maybe two ago assured me that the whole Job Searching process and rejection process would make me really depressed. I told them it wouldn't and they said those words that I hate so much; TRUST ME IT WILL. Nah B. We ain't the same person.

Sidenote: This was save as a draft and I'm not sure what mental state I was in when I drafted this... or where I was or what made me vent but imma post it anyway. Probably someone at the palace assuring me that I will be back next summer. Idiots.

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