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Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Inconceivable Science of Man

Why is that men always want to look through a girls phone?

They want to see all the pictures you have, read all the messages you're having.

They want your phones password.

They think you have something to hide just because you dare say no.

Not that you have to make any excuses as to why you don't want to give them free reign, but in my case, I assured the guy that I am a boring person.

Which is a 1000% true.

I told him there were no nude photos of anyone on my phone, that there were no dirty text messages, no clandestine arrangements being made. That I may have the tinder app but I have never actually liked anyone on it.

And yet they still didn't believe me, and so, to prove a point - more so for myself - I handed the phone over.

Kind of.

I gave them a quick scroll through my message list, to which they were unimpressed. Then I let them have free reign of my photos. And I have a lot of photos.

And do you know what he said to me after?

Do you want to know what three little words caused me to kick right off into a stereotypical black girl rant?

"You're boring man."


I told you there was nothing, you didn't believe me, and so just because I tell the truth and there's actually nothing incriminating on my phone I'm boring?

Nah B, I ain't here for all that.

And when I asked to look at his phone you know what he said?

"Naaa I got some pretty bad stuff on there."

Can you imagine the hypocrisy?
The gall?
The nerve?
The outright ridiculousness of that?

Welcome to society.

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