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Friday, 11 December 2015

21 things creative people do differently than the rest.

Possibly a lil obsessed with my status as a creative, but alas;

1. They get inspired at the least expected moment.

2. They daydream. A lot.

3. They get bored easily.

4. They watch the world with the eyes of a child.

5. They will fail, and you can be sure they will try again.

6. They are told to get a real job.

7. They will follow their heart, even if often their mind thinks otherwise.

8. They get lost in time.

9. They work when you sleep and they sleep when you work

10. Where most people see a difficulty, they see an opportunity.

11. They fall in love with their pieces of work, and hate them the day after.

12. They hate what they’ve just created, but will totally love it 12 hours later

13. They are humble and proud at the same time.

14. They are always looking to new ways to express themselves.

15. They procrastinate.

16. They see the other side of the coin.

17. They don't like boundaries.

18. They often don't like numbers.

19. They are great observers.

20. They always make new experiences.

21. They do it all over again.

Literally copied and pasted from;
Well minus the ones that I felt didn't quite fit the M.O I was going for anyway.

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