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Friday, 11 December 2015

Blog Challenge: Day 10 - Best Trip Of Your Life

I am not actually going to say South America, please wipe the look of surprise off of your face, I have one or two other tricks in this bag.

As the Challenge used the word trip and not holiday or travel adventure, I am going to pick something a lot closer to home.

To date the best trip of my life (which may add is a completely dramatic sentiment) was when me and my sister went to Chatsworth House in Spring 2014.

She had come to stay with me in uni for a few days and I was in the middle of some deadline but I was like; Screw it. (Because I am super organised and had planned my assignment so that I would finish a week and a half before it was due. Stay in School.) There was a bus that took us directly there, it was an hour long but it wasn't too bad as the stop was close to my house.

The two of us catch so much jokes, we will be holding on to one another crying with laughter over the smallest and most stupid things that are just indescribable to others and often just not found amusing. It was a great day, I had just gotten my new phone and it was Mr Darcy's in Derbyshire (The miserable half) so it was just all in all a fantastic day. 

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