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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I Worry About This Generation

Well worry is the wrong word.

It's an odd mixture between concern and gross admiration for the attachment this generation has towards the internet and social media.

I guess you could call me a black kettle as I have an attachment to Television/Films. But the difference is I can go from day to day without watching Television if need be. If I'm out at work, or if I'm just busy. Although it is at my fingertips in a sense i.e.; ipad, phone etc I also isn't.

My sister will spend hours on YouTube watching everything and anything. She will scroll through Facebook and Instagram without ever posting or commenting (which is just weird) watch every snapchat story and flick between whatsapp groups.

I am not an advocate for one of those annoying "Put technology down and live" campaigns. What I am saying is that it is annoying that you can no longer have a conversation with someone where they actually look at you when you speak, or are waiting for you to finish speaking as they are just itching to jump and their phone.

I am not such a big fan of social media and so perhaps that is why I may come across sounding high and mighty. Now there is no problem with all the technology that has befallen on us, at the end of the day, checking your email on the go, using GPS and being able to text without credit are all fantastic, but there is more to life than a screen.

Said the telly addict as she typed away on her laptop to a world of people she had never met.

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  1. At least you've met me ;) But I totally get this. I have a friend who is constantly scrolling through Twitter whether we're having a conversation or she's cooking etc etc it's super annoying. I've confiscated her phone before and it takes her a while to recover from it but eventually it's just us two in the room. Twitter depresses me though ugh



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