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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Our Last Night

I can't remember who the last band Shout Out was about, but it doesn't matter, as I would like to introduce you all to Our Last Night.

A quick backstory of how they got on my radar: My sister accidentally discovered their cover of Selena Gomez's The Heart Wants What It Wants, and she only showed it to me because it made her laugh. Not because it was bad, but because there was an unexpected "screamo" moment in there.... Ooops spoiler alert. Anyways I liked the cover and saw they had quite a few more that I decided to listen to.
They've done; One Direction - Drag Me Down, The Weekend - Can't Feel  My Face, Nsync - Bye Bye Bye, and a bunch of others.

My Favourites are probably their covers of Tove Lo - Habits, Zedd - Clarity, and two I've already mentioned, (Drag Me Down and By Bye Bye.)

The covers were pretty unique because of the whole instruments thing and occasional "screamo" thing, and their voices as well to be honest are really good.
From there I listened to their album Younger Dreams which isn't to bad, there are two or three songs on their that are pretty dope, especially the song "Home".
I've waffled slightly, but all in all I think the band is swell, so give them a listen if you're into Alternative music or you're just looking for something new.

Did I mention the band members are pretty cute on that whole "I'm in a band" scale?

If anyone is hooked drop me a line because I wouldn't mind going to see them if they come to the UK :)

Here's a link to their Youtube channel;

Friday, 29 January 2016

Religious or Spiritual

I can't be bothered to start writing about the thoughts whizzing around my head on this subject as I suppose I could write for quite sometime and ultimately make no sense and come to no conclusion.

So instead I am just going to leave the title of the self-explanatory post as my post.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

nine practicle reasons

1. moving out will take half the time
2. drive me to the airport
3. will do itunes things so i don't have to
4. constant restaurant eatings
5. bring me things
6. pick me up from the airport
7. obligatory support
8. excuse to get out of other things
9. dance buddy at the club

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I Owe No Explanations

So the other day on the train, to my utter dismay I bumped into somebody I went to school with.

Our eyes locked and I am not one for such obvious avoidance, and so I nodded in acknowledgement before looking away to pointlessly play on my phone. This imbecile took the nod of acknowledgement and turned it into an invitation to sit opposite me for a crushingly unwanted fifteen minute chat (I know the exact time as that's how long it would take the train to get me to my sanctuary.... I mean stop. (I mean sanctuary)).

We went through the standard topics when you see someone you used to know.
-Where are you going?
-Have you finished uni?
-Where are you working know?
-The Weather
-High School Bitching
-Post High School realisation

What annoyed me the most is this fool who knew nothing of me before and nothing of me now, had the audacity to say to me "But you're actually looking for real jobs right?" When I mentioned that I am mostly getting work experience.

Like how dare you.

I won't lie, between the two slow blinks and fixed smile I had to convince myself to not A) Bitch Slap the pompous fool, before I B) Tore is throat out with my teeth and then C) Basked in the warmth of his blood.

Naturally I gave some composed line full of shade, but this leads me on to the point of my post. I owe nobody any explanations. I do not need to be in a situation with depressed money hungry ingrates about my goals in life. The odds of me seeing this idiot again in another 5 going on 6 years, is slim. And to anyone I do see that I owe nothing too.... who knows what I'll tell them about my life. It makes no difference to them except for "OMIGOSH GUESS WHO I SAW" moments they have with anyone from highschool they still keep in contact with, and for me?

Well I get to practice my straight faced storytelling.

Side Note
Everyone is obsessed with asking if I still speak to Girl Who Used To Be My Friend That Is No Longer My Friend. As if this is still sixthform. And when I say that I don't they feel that they need to spill all their pent up hatred for her to me. If I haven't spoken to the girl for five years, and don't even call her by name...... WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I CARE?

Humans eh.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Blog Challenge: Day 12 - Your Favourite Childhood Book

I can still just about recite Each Peach Pear Plum, and pick it up for a read whenever I see it about.

Every big reader has that one book that got them into reading, and for me it was The Tulip Touch. I was in Year 6 and would get in trouble by the teacher for reading it while they were teaching. I think I won the Headteacher Award that month because of it. My teacher said that I showed commitment, interest and something or the other. Which was pretty ironic.

This was possibly one of the first Meg Cabot Books I read. I was probably more of an early teen than a "child" but I thought I would stick it on here anyway. I thought the main character was so cool.

Thought Of The Day

Sometimes even the people that you are told can help you, can't.

Don't listen to them just because you think you should and because everyone else does.

Things I Need To Get Under Control

The ridiculous habit I have of laughing at other peoples misfortune. 

That sounds worse than it is, but for example I as walking home from the station and there's this crossroads. It was prime traffic time but basically all these cars had tried to get past the red light, but in doing so blocked up the passage for other cars because their lane ahead wasn't moving.

The intersection looked a mess, and as I walked past, I just burst out laughing. I was laughing at how silly all the cars looked, and the fact that they couldn't go anywhere and that they were all getting really angry at one another and basically made the situation worse for themselves.

That's not so bad right?

People will be telling stories at work, and.... Well I can't think of an example but I'd be the only one laughing and everyone else will be like "awwww" or "oh no"


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Just wanted to shout out to this book I just read. I loved it. It's now on my favourite books list.

I knew that a well known book called "The Bell  Jar" Existed, and I knew that Sylvia Plath was a poet who committed suicide by putting her head in a gas oven, however I didn't know she had written the book. This does explain why it reads like a beautiful piece of poetry.

I thought it followed well, was relatable and was clever. I can understand why it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you feel we have similar tastes then give it a read.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Thought Of The Day

Black girls don't look each other in the eye. They look each other in their parting.

What's London Doing For Anybody Anyway?

I was suddenly overcome with an overwhelming feeling of hatred towards this city of London.

How dare it keep rising taxing, how dare they keep building unaffordable houses, how dare it increase transport fares, how dare it give us less for more, how dare it calling itself the place for Film and TV and yet provide no paying experience for those of us trying to break in. How dare it be so polluted, how dare it be so exposed, how dare it continue to keep making decisions that I have not agreed to? How dare London, and who gives it the right?

Oh wait. That would be us. The people that live here and continue to sit around complaining about how annoyed we are but doing nothing about. The people that sit in group shouting in agreement of our shared predicaments. The people that will bitch and whine and moan and yet the people whom after a fleeting glimpse of the London skyline, whom after a day roaming the maze like streets of Central London, will declare their undying love and devotion for the city of London. Who will vow never to stray from its toxic aired perimeter. Who will sit in groups shouting in agreement of how we want to live in the exclusive Zone One. Who will make the hour and a half commute to work five days a week, who will tolerate being packed like sardines onto the train. Who will do nothing to change the suffering norm as per the terms and conditions of our contract with our landlord Mr C. O. London.

I was you, I am you, I have had enough. There is no contract, there is no obligation, no loyalty no shackles that bind us. London is a place, is a place is a place. A place that people cometh and a place that people goeth, and goeth I shall. The illusions have been shattered, the rose coloured glasses have come off, I have picked the lock, swallowed the red pill and I am free. There is more outside of the M25, people have been living their for centuries, they have space, their air is clean and they have been laughing at us Londoners the way we laugh at them. We laugh at them for not being able to claim being a Londoner, and they shake their heads in pity that we wear that claim like a noose around our necks.

I am awake, I am unattached. I wan to live, breath and travel. I want to go to the furthest depths of the world, not to the furthest ends of the District Line. I want to be able to save the money I earn, not have it all go towards a mortgage for a diseased flat that allows me to boast to others that I live in Zone Two. I could pay less for more outside of London. I can claim Hertfordshire, or Bedfordshire, Manchester or Exeter. My friends and family may be here but they can also come there. There where there are new friends to be made, new places to explore, and trains that can take me back within the perimeter of the choking holds of London whenever I so wish.

A city is a city is a city, a person is a person is a person.

Quick Cleanse

So before I can start blogging about the new year and so forth I need to once again cleanse myself of some of the old draft posts I have lying around.

1. Follow Up: People Just Don't Understand The Creative Process (21/11/15)
I am sure I have blogged many a time about how people assume that I lie around all day doing nothing just because I don't have a consistent 9-5 job. What these paper pushers don't understand is that writing takes time, and you can't put a time frame on it. You may see that I sleep in until 4pm in the afternoon.  But what you don't see is that I went to bed at 10 am after being up all night writing or apply for jobs or whatever. I don't bother you about how you conduct business in your lane, don't come over here and question what I do in mine.

2. I'm not going to lie, I am so rude (21/11/15)
(Which I am actually just not going to post because I re-read it and as the title says, I'm not going to like, I am so rude. I'll just add that one to the growing number of venting posts I have saved as drafts over the years)

Okay surprisingly that;s it, the other drafts I have are from this year so I'm just going to go a head and post those after this. See you on the other side.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Blog Challenge: Day 11 - 10 Favourite Foods

Oooops, forgot I was doing this Blog Challenge thing.

Once again in no particular order...

1. Chips
2. Carrot Cake... All Cake
3. Meat Pizza
4. Bacon
5. Chicken
6. Plantain
7. Pasta
8. Mediterranean Salad
9. Potato
10. Garlic


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