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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I Owe No Explanations

So the other day on the train, to my utter dismay I bumped into somebody I went to school with.

Our eyes locked and I am not one for such obvious avoidance, and so I nodded in acknowledgement before looking away to pointlessly play on my phone. This imbecile took the nod of acknowledgement and turned it into an invitation to sit opposite me for a crushingly unwanted fifteen minute chat (I know the exact time as that's how long it would take the train to get me to my sanctuary.... I mean stop. (I mean sanctuary)).

We went through the standard topics when you see someone you used to know.
-Where are you going?
-Have you finished uni?
-Where are you working know?
-The Weather
-High School Bitching
-Post High School realisation

What annoyed me the most is this fool who knew nothing of me before and nothing of me now, had the audacity to say to me "But you're actually looking for real jobs right?" When I mentioned that I am mostly getting work experience.

Like how dare you.

I won't lie, between the two slow blinks and fixed smile I had to convince myself to not A) Bitch Slap the pompous fool, before I B) Tore is throat out with my teeth and then C) Basked in the warmth of his blood.

Naturally I gave some composed line full of shade, but this leads me on to the point of my post. I owe nobody any explanations. I do not need to be in a situation with depressed money hungry ingrates about my goals in life. The odds of me seeing this idiot again in another 5 going on 6 years, is slim. And to anyone I do see that I owe nothing too.... who knows what I'll tell them about my life. It makes no difference to them except for "OMIGOSH GUESS WHO I SAW" moments they have with anyone from highschool they still keep in contact with, and for me?

Well I get to practice my straight faced storytelling.

Side Note
Everyone is obsessed with asking if I still speak to Girl Who Used To Be My Friend That Is No Longer My Friend. As if this is still sixthform. And when I say that I don't they feel that they need to spill all their pent up hatred for her to me. If I haven't spoken to the girl for five years, and don't even call her by name...... WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I CARE?

Humans eh.

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