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Friday, 15 January 2016

Things I Need To Get Under Control

The ridiculous habit I have of laughing at other peoples misfortune. 

That sounds worse than it is, but for example I as walking home from the station and there's this crossroads. It was prime traffic time but basically all these cars had tried to get past the red light, but in doing so blocked up the passage for other cars because their lane ahead wasn't moving.

The intersection looked a mess, and as I walked past, I just burst out laughing. I was laughing at how silly all the cars looked, and the fact that they couldn't go anywhere and that they were all getting really angry at one another and basically made the situation worse for themselves.

That's not so bad right?

People will be telling stories at work, and.... Well I can't think of an example but I'd be the only one laughing and everyone else will be like "awwww" or "oh no"


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