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Sunday, 6 March 2016


Spoiler Alert: This post will be mush

So one of my favourite numbers is 23 and I figured that the year I turned 23 would be an amazing year.

It wasn't.

It wasn't terrible but it wasn't the picture I had painted, but that's okay because life loves a good laugh at my expense and I just roll with the punches.

23 I think was a lot about learning, and it wasn't until February that I realised that. I learnt a lot about the career path  I want to head down, about the people I associate with and allowed the person I know I am to be front and centre.

You're never to old, young or experienced to learn, as we are being taught even when we don't realise it. So yeah. Goodbye 23 and thanks for the lessons learnt that will continue to transcend into 24 and beyond.

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