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Monday, 14 March 2016


I know I know, I clearly have a problem, or am so vain that I probably think this post is about me.

I have started a new blog

For those of you not keeping count this makes a total of 6 Blogs I have floating around the interweb and roughly 12 if you include all of the academic ones too.

But this one is completely different I swear!

To begin with it's on Wordpress which is different and shiny and new for me (considering more than a quarter of my blogs are on blogger).

It's got a snazzy name, as most of my blogs do, and even though if you worked hard enough you could trace the blog back to me, I'm trying to keep it anonymous - to a certain degree.

This one is solely focused on TV, Film and my navigation of the industry, naturally all told with my unique sense of humour and witticism.

So yeah, check it out and subscribe via email or I believe you can do it through Blogger. Or I completely made that up - who knows.

Shamelessly plugged the link all over this post just in case you miss it!


  1. Following your new blog xoxox

    1. and you can totally follow it on Blogger haha

    2. YAY THANK YOU! Also Yay again that you can follow on Blogger!



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